About Us

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Solutions Max is a market research Company based in Cario, Our business also covers Gulf countries and North Africa.
Quality & Credibility
Quaeramus Optimo Results
Quaeramus Optimo Results

What We Believe In

We believe that Data Quality is our number one priority in obtaining accurate figures and answers.
Professionalism, Experience, Dynamics and Opportunities are our driving force in connecting strongly with our clients. We tailor our services to fit our clients’ needs.
We always seek to build New Ideas to enhance more transparency strategies that could serve our clients’ objectives and needs.

Real Fact Answers

Quality, credibility, professionalism, commitment, attention to details and expertise, are all words used to describe our passion for answering your questions and reaching a better understanding to the local market.

Partnership With More Than 16 Countries All Over The Middle East and EMEA

Egypt - Saudi Arabia – Iraq - jordan - Palestine - Lebanon - Iran - Sudan - Libya - UAE - Syria - Yemen - Tunisia - Morocco - Kenya - Kuwait

Our Happy Clients

Our Focus

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Marketing Research
A process that connects customers and end-users with the marketer through the information used to identify and identify marketing opportunities and problems through concept evaluation, product development/testing. Customer satisfaction, evaluation of advertising campaigns
Sales Force Optimization
A Systems Approach Optimizing a sales force hinges on the successful integration of sales and sales leadership. That’s the core of Advantage Sales Force optimization. Our systems approach addresses your organization as a whole, creating a clear line of sight between where you are now and the specific strategic processes, people, and capabilities needed to get you where you want to be.
Sales Dashboard
We have the most qualified team and the experts from the statisticians which can analyze the data creatively and proficiently after knowing your needs we are the experts in designing and customizing the sales online application on any level ( national or detailed) which provide you with the full insights
Targeting And Segmentation
Is a broad framework that summarizes and simplifies the process of market segmentation, in which groups of customers within a market are divided and profiled according to a range of variables, which determine the market characteristics and tendencies KOL Influence mapping, Customer List Tracking and update, Customer Targeting, and segmentation

Our Services

Here you have a few details about us

Our Projects

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  • Profile Study Creating Homogeneous groups of customers through proven and measurable characteristics
  • Segmentation Creating Homogeneous groups of customers through proven and measurable characteristics
  • Targeting defining optimal strategy and resource allocation by tier
  • Geographic Deployment Analysing, planning, implementing and tracking our progress

Deploy final segmentation grid with no. of planned customer per speciality & Tier

  • Segmentation means to divide the marketplace into parts, or segments, which are definable, accessible, actionable, and profitable and have a growth potential. In other words, a company would find it impossible to target the entire market, because of time, cost and effort restrictions. It needs to have a ‘definable’ segment a mass of people who can be identified and targeted with reasonable effort, cost and time.
  • Segmentation allows a seller to closely tailor his product to the needs, desires, uses and paying ability of customers. It allows sellers to concentrate on their resources, money, time and effort on a profitable market, which will grow in numbers, usage and value.

What We Do?

  • Incentive schema design and calculation
  • Performance analysis
  • FF KPI measurement
  • FF Dashboard and reporting

Dashboard & IMS Tracking Tool

  • Collecting all your business in one dash board.
  • Trending visibility and Refine Strategy simulation
  • Deliver Actionable Information
  • Sales trend and achievement
  • Market share performance
  • QTQ KPIs performance
  • Forecasting and apply what if analysis model